Hello there , I've learned the Smtp protocol, sockets and when it comes to send a little e-mail it's a bit messy !!! When the client begin to talk to the smtp server, it must first send "HELO" and then recieve somthin and then send "RCPT .." and so on... How do we do, to distinguish between these steps, is "CASE of" better suited, is there any good tutorial or examples that explain that (for non-blocking mode) i've tried the method "case", but it's not reliable as i may think, cause we must wait for the reception of the FD_READ event, that is a server has send us the response for our last command, and it must be OK, we do read it, and then send a range of byte. === Code Snippet ===================== CASE FD_READ : reception(bytes); if beginning(byte) == OK then { var++ postmessage(Hdlg, SendSometin); } else quit_error_in_last_command; CASE Writesometin : case 0 : send(HELO) case 1 Send(RECPT to) ... case 5: quit is there any other method ? thanks for replyin'
Posted on 2001-05-09 19:21:00 by blackhorus
I ran into the same problem when i wrote my smtp sendmail program. Contact me on ICQ, or email me and i'll send you the working source. It should answer all of your questions. C-YA! Nok.
Posted on 2001-05-10 12:48:00 by Nokturnal
hi Nokturnal, i've send u an e-mail but get no response, i think i will give u mine, so u can give me the source blackhorus@usa.net thanks,
Posted on 2001-05-12 19:17:00 by blackhorus
Nok, I would also like any code from your sendmail program to help me with a project I want to start. Included in the project is the ability to send email and also send a text attachment with an email. Any help with these topics would be appreciated. Farrier jcurran@network-one.com
Posted on 2001-05-16 04:18:00 by farrier