did some of you guys ever hear something about GINA.DLL? it seems to have something to do with security on windows nt. someone told me that using (or coding) such a gina.dll is the only way to disable ctrl+alt+del on windows nt......
Posted on 2001-05-10 13:13:00 by [SaFc0n]
I have Win2000 PRO , it contains in WINNT\System32\msgina.dll Import funcions like: NtShutdownSystem .... Export functions like: ShellShutdownDialog ...
Posted on 2001-05-10 13:34:00 by Elmenda
Microsoft provides default gina named msgina.dll. If you have smartcard or some biometric authentication then there is gina that replaces the default MS provided gina. Writing your own gina gives you very nice possibilities to control NT's authentication things. You should check MSDN for functions that gina must export. I think that writing your own gina is the only way to disable ctr+alt+del, except writing your own keyboard driver ;)
Posted on 2001-05-10 14:54:00 by SamiP
I found that in the Platform SDK there are two samples for writing your own gina.dll. 1. D:\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\WinBase\Security\WinNT\GinaHook 2. D:\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\WinBase\Security\WinNT\GinaStub If you dont have SDK, I can mail those samples to you.
Posted on 2001-05-12 11:58:00 by SamiP