I have a little Problem to implent an continuesly selfplaying Avi in my App. If I try to compile it shows me an error. The reason is that I haven't defined the 'ACM_OPENA' with some value in the *.inc-file. Who knows this value or could give me a tip where to find it? (Nothing right found until yet :-() here the snippet: call SendDlgItemMessage,hwnd,IDC_ANIM,ACM_OPENA, 0 ,PC_ANIM ;------------- Resource ----------------------------------- #define PC_ANIM 2010 // avi file reference #define IDC_ANIM 2011 // control reference PC_ANIM AVI "anim.avi" CONTROL "PC_ANIM", IDC_ANIM, "SysAnimate32", WS_VISIBLE | 0x8 | ACS_TRANSPARENT | ACS_AUTOPLAY, 3, 33, 0, 0 ;----------------------------------------------------------
Posted on 2001-05-10 16:40:00 by CRYO
dont use ACM_OPENA use ACM_OPEN its the same thing. ACM_OPENW is needed on the other hand for Unicode. search your window.inc it has what your looking for. smurf
Posted on 2001-05-10 17:09:00 by smurf
Ok! thanx. I try this.
Posted on 2001-05-11 04:14:00 by CRYO