Hello Coders, i use a function (stay on top) as pop up button and when user click on it,i want to change the text from :"On Top :On" to "On Top :Off" or insert a simply grafic to show user what is activated. the function works fine,i need to change the text or insert a grafic. who can explain me how to do this ,possible with tasm ? Thanks and cu
Posted on 2001-05-11 02:50:00 by Niko
Hi. SetDlgItemText (if dialog). SetWindowText SendMessage with WM_SETTEXT... You can view the prototypes of these apis at MSDN. Happy coding.
Posted on 2001-05-11 08:11:00 by Readiosys
Hello, thanks for the quick help. I used WM_CHECKED...but dont know how to change the menutext,now i do :-) thx and cu
Posted on 2001-05-11 14:51:00 by Niko