.model  flat, stdcall
                   option casemap:none

         PRONAME      proc p01, p02
                           opcode     operand, operand
         PRONAME      endp

 that's how i normally create a lib for win32... but I wan-
 t to create LIB file for use in dos programming with masm.
 any idea of how to do it?
Posted on 2001-05-11 12:10:00 by disease_2000
If I understand the question, it's not hard. Here's a sample of ASM source MyFile.asm: PUBLIC MyProc CODE SEGMENT PUBLIC ASSUME CS:CODE ;and maybe also DS, ES, SS MyProc: ... ret CODE ENDS END Assemble the above into an obj using MASM MyFile; and then use old LIB.EXE to make a library: LIB NewLib +MyFile.obj To add, remove, replace obj's from the lib: LIB existinglibfilespec +objfilespec; LIB existinglibfilespec -objfilespec; LIB existinglibfilespec -+objfilespec; Regards from Vancouver, Larry
Posted on 2001-05-12 02:31:00 by Larry Hammick