May I have a script that detect whether your icq is online
 or not? like the one you're using in this forum???
Posted on 2001-05-11 16:24:00 by disease_2000
Hi there, this script is not by Hiro but is located on the ICQ Server. The way you use it is very easy. You type in the complete URL. First part is:

which stands for the script that does the checking. then we add this to the url:

identifying the users ICQ number! Last part is this:

This results in the flower you see on the userpanel. Try to use another value for img (I think from 1 to 17) and you will get other pictures for the status. This all put together is this:

1Posted on 2001-05-11 16:47:00 by Stefan Krause

Posted on 2001-05-11 17:38:00 by disease_2000