Please help me. i need to implement download resume function to my existing and working HTTP program. I think that only thing I have to do is form HTTP request in proper way. I don't now how!!!! Here is what i have done. I looked on Iczelion's HTTP example but I am an beginner and it is too complicated for me. I don't know what to do next or what is wrong. .DATA request db "GET %s HTTP/1.0",13,10,13,10,0 .CODE invoke connect, oursocket, addr hostinfo, SIZEOF sockaddr_in ;connect the socket invoke wsprintf, addr databuffer, addr request, addr url ;format the http request invoke send, oursocket, addr databuffer, eax, NULL ;send the http request Thanx Radim. Czech Republic
Posted on 2001-05-13 08:05:00 by raguru