Could someone help change mine makefiles to assemble files if .inc files change.

Current makefile:

EXE = test.exe

PATH = c:\masm32\bin
INCLUDE = .\include
LIB = c:\masm32\lib

O = Bin
S = Source
I = Include

Objs = $O/OGLEng.obj $O/Console.obj $O/LList.obj $O/Memory.obj $O/Test.obj $O/Textures.obj
AFLAGS = /nologo /c /coff /Cp /Cx /I\masm32\include

$O\$(EXE) : $(Objs)
link $(LFLAGS) $** /OUT:$@

ml /Fo$@ $(AFLAGS) $<

My projects have directory structures like this:

ProjDir makefile, RadAsm project file
Bin Final exe, objs
Data Pics, etc.
Source *.asm
Include *.inc
Resource *.rc

Every .asm file have corresponding .inc file.
Posted on 2002-01-07 08:46:25 by Aaro
{$S}.asm{$O}.obj: [b]$(?).asm $(?).inc[/b]

ml /Fo$@ $(AFLAGS) $<
I don't have the manual here, but I know the dependancies go after the colon - I just forget what should go there to specify the file names. (No help at all. :grin: )
Posted on 2002-01-07 09:54:32 by bitRAKE
Thanks, but M$ says:

Any more ideas?

ml /Fo$@ $(AFLAGS) $<
Would work if I could rip off path and extension from file name($<) and replase them with Source\filename.asm

Refine broblem:
$< changes to Include\ but how to get it like this: Source\filename.asm
Posted on 2002-01-07 17:03:44 by Aaro
I normally create simple make files this way:

# generic commands

# no commands means use the generic .asm.obj commands
x.obj: ...other files used by x.asm...

Posted on 2002-01-08 15:02:27 by tank