Hello all! I have made a simple and easy program which searches a specified drive folder (without including subfolders) for a specified File/File type (with *) and add those findings into a combobox. I need this for a later step in my prog. Now when I look at the entries in the Combobox I see: File1.EXT File2.EXT File3.EXT .... FileX.EXT Is there a direct way to remove the .EXT from the entry like using a mask on the output or do I have to kill the .EXT from the string manually? If there is no direct way, then it is okay.I don't ask for how to kill the last four bytes before the Terminating 0 out of the string. Just for the other part I would like to know whether it is possible. Stefan
Posted on 2001-05-13 13:20:00 by Stefan Krause