Hello Coders, i have a strange problem and dont know how to get it working :( can you help me on how to use symantec resource editor ? or explain me how to insert a exe2bin dump file into a res file ? i make the mistake to use symantec editor to make my gui and now im unable to insert my dump file in the res file. i dont want the dump file in my .data section ,i like to use it as resource in the res file. all i can see in the editor : insert bitmap,buttons and so on... when i try to insert a user selectet resource i have to write all the code of the dump file by hand. im not lame,but the dump file is a bit big and this will take some hours. is there no other way to put a dump file in a res file ? hope some1 understand what i like to say and know a way to fix my problem :-) thx Ps: if i can edit the res file with another editor ,please told me what editor and where to find. i try with borland ,but he cant understand some things from symantec and im to new to know more ways :(
Posted on 2001-05-14 04:04:00 by Niko
What you need is "RCDATA", it adds the exact data to the .RES file... I used it in the code for an "E-Book" (remember Giorgio all those months ago? :D ), it works very well! In the rsrc.rc file: CH01 RCDATA "readme.txt" 1 RCDATA {0} If the argument after RCDATA is in inverted commas ("), then it grabs the file, in brackets ( {} ), then it is taken as litteral hex separated by commas! I needed the {0} at the end of each file, as the input file is taken litterally, and doesn't have a terminating 0 (it sometimes works as the resource is 32bit aligned...). Then use the APIs "FindResource" and "LoadResource" like so:

invoke FindResource, NULL, ADDR Chapter, RT_RCDATA
invoke LoadResource, NULL, eax
Now eax points to the start of the file you want to reference! Mirno
Posted on 2001-05-14 05:47:00 by Mirno
Hello Coder, finaly i rebuild all new and use a xyz.bin file as resource. but the way you use ,i dont know and i will try them now out. thanks for your help :-)
Posted on 2001-05-14 15:45:00 by Niko