some strange occuarences: 1. When i build the same code at home (win95, masm32 without spack) and in office (win2000, masm32 with pack) size of resulting executeble at home, for example 6k in office - 20k - ????????? 2. I build proc. it size - 6k - ok! But when i load it, i see memory, and my proc resizes in 830k!
Posted on 2001-05-14 04:05:00 by vit
My guess would be the size of the file alignment, maybe the service pack changes the default setting for the linker. Get a little prog that is floating around that will report the size of the alignment of the file. The default on my system is 200h but some linkers have an alignment of 1000h.
Posted on 2001-05-14 05:24:00 by George
i understand 1 occurrence! i instal vc++ in office and it change paths and in result when i call link it runs c++ link. but 2 occurrence is still impossible to understand
Posted on 2001-05-15 00:59:00 by vit
vit, It is the linker that is the problem, VC runs 16k alignment but in MASM you should use either the DDK linker supplied or set the option /align:4096 with the VC linker for the asm file build. Regards,
Posted on 2001-05-15 03:06:00 by hutch--