Hello Coders, if some1 have the time and fun to explain me how i can compile my source to a nomral exe or a pe file ? i start some months ago learning asm coding and when i start i use a Make.bat from a working source. i realy dont know what it makes real,i only use it :( now i look wizh a hex editor at my code and see at the start : MZP if i look in another exe i see only : MZ as lame as i am,i try to use this make.bat to make my tool as a MZ file ,but i use : JUMP at the code start and this will not work with the make.bat for MZ files. now i surf some hours and read some textfiles ,but i cant find infos on this basic stuff. possible because i dont know what i have to search for. how do you compile and how do you know the functions to compile ? where can i find them and whats the differents between a MZ and a MZP file. i know only that the MZP is a PE File. and i hope i dont have to buy a book :-) anyway ,thanks for your help
Posted on 2001-05-15 03:52:00 by Niko
Dont worry, you wont have to buy a book, go to Iczelions site and download the PE tutorials from there. This will explain the basics of a PE file format. You cant compile a normal DOS file to run as a Win32 executable. You can compile a DOS exe with masm but you need a different linker, this is downloadable from Iczelions or Hutches site. Just some things to point out through. Almost any executable file that you will find under windows will start with the MZ header. This is the basic identification tag for the exe file. The fact that you get MZP is a coincidence. At this point you still dont know if the file is a PE file. This is because to maintain compatibly with dos the PE file takes on the inital form of a DOS format exe. The real location of the PE header is pointed to by a field in the DOS header. All is explained in iczlions tutorial. This message was edited by George, on 5/15/2001 4:25:06 AM
Posted on 2001-05-15 04:18:00 by George
Hello Coder, thanks a lot for the tip :-) since i use tasm,i dont read the tutorials from iczelion,but now i think i better download them and take some time to understand it. thx and cu
Posted on 2001-05-17 02:35:00 by Niko