COM newbie question. I am going over the makelink example that comes with MASM32. How do you know what interfaces are supported by IShellLink ? Other that the MSDN example on ShellLink I have not found any other thing that one could determine which Interfaces are supported.
Posted on 2001-05-16 22:09:00 by knowop
In my MSDN CD (it's a '97 version I believe), I found a list of the following interfaces under Shell: Interfaces This section describes the Microsoft® Windows® shell interfaces. ICommDlgBrowser IContextMenu IContextMenu2 IContextMenu3 ICopyHook IDeskBand IDockingWindow IDockingWindowFrame IDockingWindowSite IEnumIDList IExtractIcon IFileViewer IFileViewerSite IInputObject IInputObjectSite INewShortcutHook INotifyReplica IPersistFolder IPersistFolder2 IQueryInfo IReconcilableObject IReconcileInitiator IShellBrowser IShellChangeNotify (No documentation available at this time) IShellExecuteHook IShellExtInit IShellFolder IShellIcon IShellIconOverlay (No documentation available at this time) IShellIconOverlayIdentifier (No documentation available at this time) IShellLink IShellPropSheetExt IShellView IShellView2 (No documentation available at this time) ITaskbarList IURLSearchHook You could try looking these up individually. (If I remember, tonight I'll hunt some things down online and post URL's which should be more usefull). E
Posted on 2001-05-17 08:35:00 by Ernie
Thanks Ernie. I don't think I phased my question well so I'll restate in more detail. I may have a basic flaw in concept, so I'll put down what I think and someone tell where it's wrong. This is specific to the makelink example. the CoCreateInstance returns a pointer to the IShellLink interface. The object is created from the class ShellLink. The IShellLink interface supports the IPersistFile interface. I assume the IPersistFile interface is defined in the ShellLink class so that QueryInterface is aware of it. No where ( include files, MSDN except for example ) do I find anything that tells me IShellLink interface supports the IPersistFile interface. The individual look-up of the IShellLink interface only lists the methods. Maybe I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, but I feel like I'm missing something here.
Posted on 2001-05-17 12:12:00 by knowop