In Windows NT (No Toys. ;) it's possible to protect a cer-
 tain files. Like disabling user from deleting file and re-
 ad ect...

 In Windows 9x (Extreme  ;) there's a file called:
 MSDOS.SYS and I want to protect that file. Such as disable
 reading, deleting and so on. Is it possible to do this in
Posted on 2001-05-17 17:57:00 by disease_2000
It may not be the best, smartest, or easiest thing to do, but maybe you could create a program that starts with Windows, locks the file with LockFile, and closes with Windows. From API refence:
Locking a portion of a file for exclusive access denies all other processes both read and write access to the specified region of the file.
This may be what you want or it may be overkill.
Posted on 2001-05-17 18:56:00 by mookmar

 thanx. I think that's enough to keep program from infecting my file.
Posted on 2001-05-17 19:06:00 by disease_2000