hi! last week i installed masm32 but i wasn't yet able to make it run :( ...i tried some short example programs but there was always an error: LINK : fatal error L1104: \masm32\lib\kernel32.lib : not valid library (i think that i) tried quite everything like running link.exe separate or change the order of the 'set' lines in autoexec.bat and so on, and i searched the internet and read many texts, but i still didn't find out what i'm doing wrong. i'd bet it's something really simple (and stupid of course) as usual when i spend hour by hour searching the solution. but what is not ok with the original libraries from the masm package? if anyone knows what i have to do in order to make masm working as it should, please help! it would be far more interesting to learn assembly language than trying to make masm run evening for evening.. thank you! and nice weekend ;-) chris
Posted on 2001-05-18 17:19:00 by grac
Chris, If you have downloaded the MASM32 package and installed it completely, test the capacity to build files with either the template example or any of the example code. Just run the editor and open the ASM file you wish to test and select BUILD ALL from the project menu. If it builds to an EXE file, the installation is OK. To use a library module from the MASM32 library, include both the MASM32 library and include file. There is a help file for the library functions that will show you how to call the functions. Take note of the LIBRARY and INCLUDE file that is needed for some of them as some call API functions. Regards,
Posted on 2001-05-19 00:07:00 by hutch--