I have a large sceen which I wish to preserve and I want the
user to respond to half a dozen questions. There is no room
on the screen for questions & answers. Throughout the
program these questions will be asked many times and they
will have different responses each time.
For some time I thought that a Dialog Box would solve the
problem. However now I think that is the wrong approach.

Any ideas.
JP Shankle
Posted on 2002-01-07 20:04:12 by shankle
Originally posted by shankle For some time I thought that a Dialog Box would solve the

The dialog box should work fine. Picture this: you could have just the one dialog, you could have a STATIC window on it where you put the question, and a textbox where the user answers the question. The questions could be stored in a resource table, and loaded into the STATIC window when needed.

EDIT: as for 'preserving' the screen, if you use a dialog it will not interfere with your main screen.
Posted on 2002-01-07 20:22:13 by sluggy
Are you sure you MUST interupt your user when (s)he's hard at work?

MUST those questions be answered right now? Or may everything else be done first?

I've always hated programs by programmers who interupt me when I'm busy. WORD has it best, check my spelling in the background, underline my supposed mistakes (but ASK me before changing them), and mostly LET ME BE AND WORK.

Dialog boxes are the most annoying feature of windows. You must stop to even dismiss them, change to mouse from keyboard (unless you are great at flying TAB/ENTERS) (which I am NOT).

The best way is the gentelest way. Perhaps a tab set on this window, one tab for the work, another tab for the setup, ect. If you definately need several questions answered in sequence, use a familiar wizard format.

If you give me a huge screen with lots and lots of edit boxes I'm gonna go lookng for something simpler to use.
Posted on 2002-01-08 00:58:40 by Ernie