I have written a programme in assembler language for tasm32 which uses Api ChooseFontA functions. The function works in the way that the dialogue window appears and you can set your fonts. After compilation with tasm32, I cannot set or choose scripts for a print. There are no scripts. ComboBox witch the name of the script still exist, but is is empty, clear. After compilation for masm32, DailogBox of the Api ChooseFontA function works properly. In the low part of DailogBox scripts has appeared. You can make your choice.The procedure of compiling has been the same for tasm32 and formasm32, I've done only a small corrections for compatibility, but filling the structure for CHOOSEFONTA was the same. Why tasm 32 doesn't work properly for this function? Can it be somehow done for the scripts to appear in the low part of DialogBox after the compilation for tasm32. I would be most grateful to you if you would send me a solution. It would help me very much. My e-mail: curandero@wp.pl
Posted on 2001-05-19 04:16:00 by curandero