About one week ago, I asked for a way to create application modal windows without using dialog boxes. Some of the answers I got were helpful, and with additional help of the API Reference I finally found out that I have to: - Fill the hParent when creating the window with the hwnd of the main window - Disable the main window When the popup window is closed, I have to: - Re-enable the main window (using EnableWindow) But the problem is, when I re-enable the main window it is minimized, I tried to call SetForegroundWindow to show it again, but this causes the main window to flicker. Can anyone help?
Posted on 2001-05-19 06:34:00 by w116
w116, on Iczelion site you'll find 'calculator'app. This app is always visible, upside all other app. open, just as it seems that you need. Maybe taking a look to the code could be useful. angelo
Posted on 2001-05-19 08:13:00 by angelo
Hi, Thank you for your reply but what I need is an application modal window, not a system modal one!!!!!
Posted on 2001-05-19 08:27:00 by w116