Hey folks, I'm trying to make a port monitor that shows incoming connections on all ports, doesn't matter which one. But wouldn't it be to much to let the listen api work on every single port ? So that's why i'm looking for some source code on portmonitor programming. Once again i need somthing like nukenabber but it has to monitor every single port as soon as there is any activity, give me the used protocol and is not supposed to influence the data send or received. How do i do that ? I appreciate every help, code or link you guys can give me. Regards Olli
Posted on 2001-05-21 00:12:00 by Typhoon
this is pretty much a part of how firewalls work. Check out how they work (most effective way I know to do what you want :(), or if you want, port a sniffer done in C to ASM and have it check for incoming packets to see if they mean establishing a connection and on what port they are connecting to.
Posted on 2001-05-21 05:00:00 by clip
Hello, simply go to iczelions homepage and download the portmonitor src. :-) have a nice day
Posted on 2001-05-23 03:25:00 by Jeronimo