Hello, for checking the time of using my tools i use getsystemtime and then cmp ...,offset month if the time i set in .data is true ,the program should not work. but i dont understand why it works with : cmp .... , 01 [01-is january] and not when i use : .data month db '01' ,0 .code getsystemtime...... cmp ... ,offset month any ideas how i get it working ? thx
Posted on 2001-05-22 03:08:00 by Jeronimo
When you declare month in data, you are declaring a "series" of bytes (as many as are needed to hold the specified data. In your case 3 bytes one for "0", one for "1", and a final one for your null terminator. You are then comparing your retrieved value (a word presumably) against the address where these 3 bytes are stored! What you need to do is the following:

invoke GetSystemTime, ADDR SysTime
cmp SysTime.wMonth, 1

;---- Or ----
Month    dw 1


invoke GetSystemTime, ADDR SysTime
mov ax, SysTime.wMonth
cmp ax, Month
I think you will need to move SysTime.Month to a register for the second example as you will be comparing mem/mem otherwise. The first example is ok because its mem/immed. Mirno
Posted on 2001-05-22 05:50:00 by Mirno
Yep.. what Mirno said is right... I just felt like sthg was missing: Jeronimo: If you declare
Month db "01",0
gets written as
30 31 00
in your .data section, as it takes the Ascii value of the chars in between the quotes. J
Posted on 2001-05-22 12:01:00 by JimmyClif
Hello, so there goes my problem,many thanks for the good help ! btw. did you have any good idea how i can make my tool working a small amount of time. like trial software. i think on some different ways like: check systemtime check time from different files make a decrypted regkey who count the program start is it today possible to make trial software who cant cracked ? thanks
Posted on 2001-05-23 03:11:00 by Jeronimo
Everything can be cracked!
Posted on 2001-05-23 07:38:00 by gliptic