Help!! I'm trying to rebuild Icedump, (I want to make some changes to the tracer function), and my problems are many. My setup: 1) I'm running Windows 95 SR-2. 2) IceDump 6.022 with full subdir's and makefiles. 3) Gnu Make.exe 3.78.1 ported to Windows. 4) Nasmw.exe 0.98 renamed to nasm.exe. 5) sh.exe is in C:\ and on the PATH; I know nothing about Gnu Make, and the IceDump makefiles are not trivial. I've read much documentation but this is taking way too much time. If someone would be kind enough to direct me in setting up my environment so I can build this I would be very grateful. It seems like the creation of directories doesn't work, files can't be found that appear to be there, Bad Command msgs, etc. Thanks in advance
Posted on 2001-05-24 09:41:00 by davidc
Hi mate! geesh i had a hard time rebuilding icedump.. but i managed to do it. Since i did this sometime ago, i'd need to refresh my mind a little bit about the modus operandi. Let me check my notes and i'll let you know very soon. See you in a couple of minutes. Latigo
Posted on 2001-05-24 09:53:00 by latigo
First of all let me tell you that i don't know if this solution is the best, the most optimized or the leetest, but you may be sure that this is gonna let you rebuild icedump :) First of all you must setup a Cygwin *nix enviroment in your win32 box. Get all the components at The packages i downloaded are: (again i don't know if _all_ of them are necesary but get them anyway) cygwin-1.1.6-1.tar.gz sed-3.02-1.tar.gz make-3.79.1-2.tar.gz bash-2.04-4.tar.gz gcc-2.95.2-5.tar.gz w32api-20001111-1.tar.gz gdb-20001125-1.tar.gz ash-20001012.tar.gz RemoveObsoletePackages-4.tar.gz fileutils.tar.gz shellutils.tar.gz bzip2-1.0.1-5.tar.gz <-- Special attention on this one Once you get all the packages and the 'Setup.exe' proceed to install the whole thingie. VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: When installing all the packages, UNCHECK the bzip2 package. That means, install them ALL but bzip2. After all the other packages are installed try the shell. Throw a 'ls -al' command and see if you get a 'command not found' message. If you do, close the shell and install the bzip2 package. This is very weird. But it will save you long hours of trouble :) When i installed all the damn thing it kept throwing 'command not found ' messages. Then (god knows why) i installed the bzip2 package and everything is working all right now :) To rebuild Icedump just get the nasm package, add it to your path in the /etc/profile file. Also use the NTDDK linker to link the icedump files. Make sure both nasm assembler and the linker are included in your path. Well, that's it. If you have another problem just let me know. Bye mate. Latigo Pd: if you want me to make all the files available to you either via mail or whatever, let me know.
Posted on 2001-05-24 12:09:00 by latigo