I have created a Web Page for AsmEdit, the program was just getting to complex to burden Iczelion with all of the changes. I have broken the package up into several components so after this complete replacement you will only have to download the components that have changed. The Web Site address is: http://www20.brinkster.com/ewayne/AsmLoad.html NOTE! It's Brinkster so you might have to be patient. Any suggestions for a free Web Site with no banners? There have been many fixes for the various platforms, maybe someday all of the bugs will be gone. 1. I added a Step by Step program feature in the new projects dialog. You can create a basic Window program and then with up to Twelve options you can have a functional RichEdit program including a Toolbar, Statusbar MRU, Save program info to the registry, etc. NOTE! Some of the options are dependent on other options. 2. I changed the color of the black and white dialog boxes. 3. I added several new routines to the Code Helper. 4. You can highlight a Win32 Help file topic and then click on the Win32 Help menu and if the topic is available, the topic will display. 5. You can now copy and paste text from any text format source. NOTE! If you have problems assembling any of the programs, you are probably not using Windows.inc 1.23 Ewayne
Posted on 2001-05-24 14:59:00 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne, Good site ! and very good prog! I know a free web site with no banners, it is French. It is at www.chez.com. Your address can look like www.chez.com/ewayne (for me it is "www.chez.com/vombonjour").
Posted on 2001-05-24 15:25:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Nice Webpage and your right about your pgm getting complex, but it does a lot I like your step by step program its a good way to create a quick program. You still need to add a tree and list view for your projects and it would be nice to have tabs on your main edit window so you can have mult files opened and then you could switch between the files. But your program is still better then mine. keep up the good work. Bitman
Posted on 2001-05-25 01:26:00 by Bitman