I recently read that MASM has built in macros like @Date and @Time. What they do is, you insert them into your code, and theyll be replaced with the date and time of when you assembled the prog, but i cant get them to work. Does anyone know how to use these?
Posted on 2001-05-25 01:01:00 by HeroInc
These are text only macros of which there are a few. They are very handy while producing a list file for later review or to print out the listing. An example of using them would be as follows in a comment block at start of file...

; Program Name
; Program Assembled On: @DATE - (Replaced With System Date Text mm/dd/yy)
;                   At: @TIME - (Replaced With System Time Text hh:mm:ss)
; Assembled With MASM : @VERSION - (Replaced With Text 610 For MASM v6.10)
Just remember these are text only macros to be used while generating a listing... Will
Posted on 2001-05-27 12:28:00 by WillASM