I have a special problem: I want to convert a normal one byte string, f.e. "world" into unicode. I use MultiByteToWideChar. Works fine. If I use symbolic characters, for instance from a Wingdings font, it works not. The MultiByteToWideChar cannot translate the symbolic charset to the correct unicode range (in this case F000 - FFFF). There is a special codepage flag (CP_SYMBOLIC), but it is described in the SDK to require Windows2000. How can I solve it under Win95 ?
Posted on 2001-05-25 08:53:00 by beaster
Under windows 95, you probably can't solve it. W95 has 'just barely enough' Unicode support to crawl. I'm not saying I know this definately, but since MultiByteToWideChar is about all 95 has for this purpose, you're stuck. Perhaps you can write your own algorythm to do the translate.
Posted on 2001-05-25 20:16:00 by Ernie
I would just write my own algo, because, even if Windows can do it, what I write is always better! And I'm sure you can say the same :grin:
Posted on 2001-05-26 13:44:00 by Larry Hammick