Hi every readers, You may had to make a control panel app. I made one, it is a property sheet (OK, cancel, apply --> with tabs) and it writes/reads to the registry. You can find it on my site and soon on the Iczelion's site. I'm sorry, I didn't comment the code, but if you have the API reference, you'll understand (if not, mail me). You can find English version and French version. Hope this will be used, I've never seen any question about it on this message board, but I thought that this could be useful to knnow 'how this works !'.;) PS:I wanted also to thank all the people here with who assembly can be learned 'easily', and where all the people are helpful and thankful, great thanks to everybody ;);)
Posted on 2001-05-25 18:36:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()