I wonder how many people here are programmers for a living? It may seem strange but this is just a hobby for me, my real job has absolutely nothing to do with a computer other than to control the brewhouse PLC's. I find programming challenging and an escape from work. I would like to do more, however, an hour or two a week is all I can get in.
Posted on 2001-05-26 11:33:00 by brewmanchu
Hmm, even though I think we already had this type of question once before (Just curious....) I'll answer this as well ;) Since I am a student (or have been until now!) I didn't have that much time to program in any language. However I had always been interested in Computers and programming things. Nearly everybody of you/us knows the feeling of being proud about a proggy which took you a large amount of time to finish it but then it works. Therefore I spent/spend a lot of time in front of my PC. Sometimes I am not writing any code but just looking at others programs. I enjoy searching Programming Sites (like Planet Source Code) for sources in other languages to think about how this could be done in Win32asm. Maybe you ask yourself, why I am doing this? - Well, I want to understand many different (are they so much different?) languages because later on, when I finished my time at the MARINE (the German Navy), I want to get a job in a programmers company like the one my cousin has. There they develope programms for E-Business using JAVA *arrgh*. They don't just sit in front of their computers and hammer code into the keyboard but they talk to their clients and they discuss in teams who does what and how this has to be done. I want to work in a team and share my knowledge with the partners. So, at the moment I just program for fun but in the future I will code for fun & money! Stefan
Posted on 2001-05-26 15:43:00 by Stefan Krause
I am a programmer for a living, i ahve with 2 other ppl a software company that makes programms ;) mostly for Romanian market but international also... We mix fun and work in a pleasant way, and I am not very ambitiouse ;) so i settle for less in order to be able to do what i like with my life... ;) I dont dream of tomorow i MAKE FULL use of today ;) I NEVER do somethink i tottaly dislike unless i am FORCED with a GUN at my head (and this never happened until today)... otherwise i try to do only what i like even if this meany less money (and more life). But what i like: ASM and programming )of yeah and girls) i try to do at the BEST level available
Posted on 2001-05-26 23:39:00 by BogdanOntanu
Well, I program a mainframe, mostly in assembly for a living, which is the same but different than doing it on a PC. Been doing that for 30 years. I've done some PC projects for work over the years, and many of those in x86 assem. No Win32asm in production, yet. But most of my work time is big iron. 'puters are also my hobby, and have been since day 1 of my first job in this business. Assembly is by far my favorite language, on any machine that I've learned so far. 6502 micro, x86 micro, even a little Z-80 many years ago. :)
Posted on 2001-05-27 00:45:00 by S/390
Whats the relationship between the Z-80 and the old ZX-81 I've got packed away somewhere? I thought the ZX-81 was the first "PC" with a keyboard? Jigzy This message was edited by Jigzy, on 6/6/2001 6:01:16 AM
Posted on 2001-06-05 18:08:00 by Jigzy
brewmanchu: I know hutch programs for a living. I do not. My line of work is health-related (Yes, I'm a real honest-to-goodness doctor). However, as fate would have it, I fell in love with programming during my residency training. I was captivated by computer games especially RPG ones but my friend would not let me play games on his PC unless I knew something about PC first. That was the starting point. From that point onwards, I learned assembly language and use it till now. Programming is a hobby to me too. I hate to program something that I dislike (like bogdanontanu) and I can't make myself code something for money. So I end up coding programs essentially for free.
Posted on 2001-06-05 20:32:00 by Iczelion
Like many others above, programming is a form of expression for me. I've rarely recieved money for expressing myself in this way.
Posted on 2001-06-06 11:32:00 by bitRAKE
both right now I'm employed as 'junior webdeveloper' :D meaningless word for a big variety of things. lots of scripting(server & client) , database interfacing,... I code anything the customer wants wether I like it or not, I'm getting paid anyway and I get to work with Oracle and the likes which is always a pleasure for me :) I spend 8-12 hours behind a PC daily, dependant on what I do at home. Right now I haven't done little to nothing at home for a while -> just didn't feel like it and there's a big bright world outside my apartment ;) Weirdest thing that's happening to me is that I'm flowing more and more towards linux and java (a language that I really don't like) and my programming world is more turning into a broad more flat field instead of the narrower, specialized things I was used to making before. (I've been a database client-server desktop developer for Ericsson for 2 years before this, mostly VB + Access + SQL Server) I can't afford not to program for a living, else I wouldn't be able to pay for my coffee :mad: ;) But what's more important to me: I like it a lot, it's what I like to do all day. I learn new things all the times, which is one of my main goals. It also keeps my mind from numbing down....well, I try to at the very least :D I'm 24, I like my job so that part of life is good for me :)
Posted on 2001-06-06 17:19:00 by Hiroshimator
hmmm.. maybe we should have a rogues gallery for these kind of messages, it would save us repeating ourselves :) so... umm 32 now, 16 when I started working in computing, still doing it freelance, can't stand the job I'm doing now, but it pays the morgage..... So I come here and asnwer questions (sometimes I even get some right!) umbongo
Posted on 2001-06-07 03:53:00 by umbongo
Your 32? Your picture makes you look much older! :D :P Mirno
Posted on 2001-06-07 05:44:00 by Mirno
It's more fun than work for me, although it does pay at times. I also remember, rather fondly, the Z80. I read that one one of Bill Gates's first commercial products was a Basic interpreter that ran in 16K. It was probably for the Z80. DOS 1 was largely a port of CP/M (used on the Z80) but let me not continue with these boring reminiscences...
Posted on 2001-06-13 21:15:00 by Larry Hammick

 perhaps hiro can create a info page. ;)

Posted on 2001-06-13 23:14:00 by disease_2000