Hi, I have created an edit control on a dialog in a resource file. I defined it like this: CONTROL "", 777, "edit", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | ES_MULTILINE | ES_AUTOVSCROLL, 16, 30, 180, 99 when I compile it, and start typing on the textbox, when I press "enter" it doesn't do a CRLF or got to the next line. But it does go to the next line when you reach the horizontal border on the right. I want to make it go to the nextline when I press "enter" just like richedit. Any help is greatly appreciated :). - clip
Posted on 2001-05-27 05:16:00 by clip
Posted on 2001-05-27 05:27:00 by Iczelion
thanks alot!
Posted on 2001-05-27 05:39:00 by clip