I'm having trouble linking my obj modules under Win2k using the latest MS Linker. The error i receive is something like "Error: converting coff..." Any known issues with either masm or link in Win2k?
Posted on 2001-05-28 19:05:00 by Jon Richardson
That's the thing, it's not 16 bit code. It's straight forward 32 bit code. I can assemble and link it fine on my 98 machine, but on my 2k machine with SP2 i can't link it.
Posted on 2001-05-29 01:01:00 by Jon Richardson
oh yea, here's the error: fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt
Posted on 2001-05-29 01:02:00 by Jon Richardson
Jon, It has that sniff of Microsoft changing the rules again, the file should build on win2k with the win98ddk linker supplied in MASM32. If it does, you are using an incompatible linker. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-05-29 04:57:00 by hutch--