No questions yet, just saying hello ;) I just found the site and checked out a few of the tutorials. Looks great! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the very near future - I feel like a dry sponge in here =) I've been meaning to get into assembler recently (and more than just assembler, to try and get a more robust knowledge of what really happens when you run the executable that MSVC++ just built for you), and this looks like the perfect place to start. I've been playing with various debuggers/disassemblers/hex editors all afternoon and it looks like there's a huge amount of information to absorb before I even get familiar with the perverbial surroundings. Ought to be fun =D Now, if only I could get myself to sleep...
Posted on 2001-05-29 23:03:00 by Lutrosis

 welcome Lutrosis. the odd thing about this forum is that they
 all likes to help.

Posted on 2001-05-30 05:36:00 by disease_2000
Welcome to the crew, Lutrosis. I know that feeling: I experienced it when I discovered _masta_'s tutorials and mammon's visual ASM project. disease_2000: Yes, that's one of the best things about our forum. Lately, I cannot seem to find a question that was not already answered ten times before I read it. Let's keep it that way :D
Posted on 2001-05-30 09:42:00 by Iczelion
Another truely keewwwl thing about this forum is that it has now broken:
    10.1   T H O U S A N D   P O S T S !
... in just 6 mounths
(remeber the new forum going up around Januaray ~~ and everyone talking about IDE's that have yet to be seen :D )
Posted on 2001-05-30 22:53:00 by NaN