Hello Coders, some stupid questions from me ,but i hope some1 like to explain me this :-) .data HostName db "url.com",0 Send db "POST /cgi-bin/..........",0Dh,0Ah db "User-Agent:Mozilla",0Dh,0Ah db "Host: %s",0Dh,0Ah from where do the app know that '%s' is the 'HostName' from .data section and how can i use this for my own settings ? for what is the 's' after the '%' ? hm,i understand what it does but not why and how. many thanks :-)
Posted on 2001-05-30 08:41:00 by EasyCode
Hello Coders, by searching in the archiv i found how it works,great page :-) ----8<----- szBuffer: db 128 dup(0) szFmt: db "The most famous example: %s %s", 0 szHello: db "Hello", 0 szWorld: db "World", 0 .code push szWorld push szHello push offset szFmt push offset szBuffer call wsprintfa add esp, 16 ----8<---------- so if i understand it right,i insert the settings with 'wsprintfa'.... i go and try to learn a bit or two *bg* thx :-)
Posted on 2001-05-30 08:55:00 by EasyCode