Just remember that the braces "<" and ">" represent QUOTES in masm macro sytnax (macro being it is evaulated before the code is made to binary).

Textequ is self explanitory (Text Equate). So where ever the lable "$LR" is found it replaces it with a string of ASCII contained within the "<" and ">".

So before actual assembly to binary, the compiler converst the above line to this first:

TipText db "1) This is Line One",13,10,"2) and this is line 2..",0

And then its compiled. Quick tut for you :)
You can also learn other things MASM can do from this link: http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/Page_TechDocs/MASMDoc/ (Readiosys found it for me)

Hope this helps..
Posted on 2002-01-10 12:35:05 by NaN
Yeah. A nice feature. Tnx again for the link. :grin:

Posted on 2002-01-10 13:16:20 by Wolf_HFS