Hi first of all sorry about my bad english. Ok,my question is, how can i display an register value in an MessageBox e.g eax holdīs 0000014c(h) and how can i display this?? Thx bye MFG nop90h
Posted on 2001-06-01 15:32:00 by nop90h
Use the dwtoa function in the MASM32 library. For example,

buffer BYTE 11 DUP (0)


INVOKE  dwtoa, eax, ADDR buffer
; display eax
INVOKE  MessageBox, NULL, ADDR buffer, NULL, MB_OK
Posted on 2001-06-01 15:48:00 by karim
On my page I have a bunch of macros I droped into a file that are most useful in debugging programs. It does things like print registers in message boxes. Go have a look, you might find it usefull. here.is/ComInAsm
Posted on 2001-06-01 19:26:00 by Ernie
Ernie is quite right. It is very handy to be able to dump memory at run time, or rather at crash-time. I have a rudimentary DLL with one function: Debug01 lp,uint which makes a msg box containing a hex dump of "uint" bytes starting at "lp". If you can dump memory, you can dump registers: just push them. If there is any interest I will put my dll source up on my webpage.
Posted on 2001-06-01 19:47:00 by Larry Hammick
Thank you very much for the help (I need it fo an File Dumper) thx
Posted on 2001-06-02 04:17:00 by nop90h