It's used at school to teach us about atoms / molecules and stuff. First thing I noticed was the stupid standard VB icon. I couldn't resist the temptation and checked the file size -- 4 mb! When I realized this wasn't my computer and had overcome the urge to press SHIFT+DEL, I started the program. An ugly opening screen appeared, complete with MS-office clipart graphics and the name of the bloatware programmer bouncing over the screen in a flickering label control. I tried clicking a menu item, but a MsgBox popped up saying I had to enter my name first. I looked across the main menu and discovered a TextBox with a nice BgColor to match the frmMain's BgColor, which was why I hadn't noticed it yet. I typed my name and pressed Enter - it went to the next line! I shrugged and clicked a menu item anyway. frmGameA1 appeared, showing my (fake) name in a TextBox (which allowed me to change the text in it). The game started, but I got bored halfway through and minimized it to do Start-Run- :). It minimized, but not to the taskbar! Was this VB version 4.0 or something!? I restored the program, and noticed most of the text was now gone. Hehe... pityfull. Wonder how much they paid him for it?
Posted on 2001-06-02 08:13:00 by Qweerdy

 check the dll...

 open that program in any hexeditor that allow you to search for

 search for: .dll   and keep on going through all the dll. if y-
 ou encoutner VBRUN40.DL (version 4) VBRUN30.DLL (version 3)
 Msvbvm60.dll (versoin 6.0)
 Msvbvm50.dll (version 5.0)

Posted on 2001-06-02 13:28:00 by disease_2000

 or if you have visual studio, open up SPY++ and start spying as
 much as you can. that's how i normally do if i want to know wh-
 at x program was created in. it works all the time!

Posted on 2001-06-02 13:30:00 by disease_2000
The problem here was the programmer, not the dev tool. I do VB and have some very successfull projects. I've also inherited in various emplyments and contracts programs written in VB that were most miserable of all and "thrown" together by incompetant programmers (or since the app started in vb4 and upgraded to 5, then 6 now ASP and .NET, programmers who today are still stuck in VB4). Myself, however, knows how to write a program in any language that I know how to use (c/c++, assembly, asp, VB, Delphi, (newly PHP), and whatever else... _Shawn PS: I agree with you, however, that VB makes it too easy to "play" with and not take it "seriously"... so many fall into that trap
Posted on 2001-06-02 14:21:00 by _Shawn
this board is essentially written in vb :p
Posted on 2001-06-02 15:01:00 by hiro testing his dsl on linux