I've a problem to retrieve text of an item. When i expand or collapse an item, i want to get text string. here is my code : tvitem TV_ITEM ... .if WM_NOTIFY mov edx,lParam assume edx:ptr NM_TREEVIEW cmp .hdr.code,TVN_ITEMEXPANDED jnz @fin invoke MessageBoxA, hwnd, .itemOld.pszText, 0, 0 assume edx:nothing ... but it doesn't work. i've tried with this : .if WM_NOTIFY mov edx,lParam assume edx:ptr NM_TREEVIEW cmp .hdr.code,TVN_ITEMEXPANDED jnz @fin mov tvitem.mask,TVIF_TEXT invoke SendMessageA, .itemOld.hItem, TVM_GETITEM, 0, addr tvitem invoke MessageBoxA, hwnd, tvitem.pszText, 0, 0 ... but when i compile i've this error : "missing operand after unary operator" related to mov tvitem.mask,TVIF_TEXT it drive me crazy...
Posted on 2001-06-03 17:57:00 by gael
oups it is tvitem.imask and not tvitem.mask but this doesn't work anyway for getting string of an item...:/
Posted on 2001-06-03 18:07:00 by gael
hmmm is that really the best method to use? why not send the TVM_GETITEM message?
Posted on 2001-06-03 18:12:00 by smurf
hmm finally i've used another methode for my app. my aims is to make a treeview that display directory structure like in explorer. i post my code, maybe it could help someone but maybe you have already better code:eek: (if so please tell me:)) Contrary than explorer, it build all in one time and take 12 secondes to build all directory on my pc (~2200 directories and 36000 files scanned) and it take 2.5Mo in my memory (i've 64Mo edo) code :

wfd      WIN32_FIND_DATA 

InitTreeViewItem proc path:DWORD, parent:DWORD
		LOCAL	hFindFile_:DWORD

		  invoke	FindFirstFileA, path, addr wfd
		  mov      hFindFile_,eax
@nextfile	:
		  invoke	FindNextFileA, hFindFile_, addr wfd
		  cmp	   eax,0
		  jz	    @fin
		  cmp 	 wfd.dwFileAttributes,FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY
		  jnz	   @nextfile
		  cmp	   byte ptr , "."
		  jz	   @nextfile

	    push	   parent
		  pop	   tvinsert.hParent
		  cmp	   parent,0
		  jnz	   @notroot
		  mov	   tvinsert.hInsertAfter, TVI_ROOT
		  mov	   tvinsert.item.iImage, 0
		  mov	   tvinsert.item.iSelectedImage, 1
@next		:
		  mov	   tvinsert.item.imask, TVIF_TEXT+TVIF_IMAGE+TVIF_SELECTEDIMAGE
		  mov	   tvinsert.item.pszText, offset wfd.cFileName
		  invoke	SendMessageA, hTreeView, TVM_INSERTITEM, 0, addr tvinsert
		  push	    eax

		  invoke	GlobalAlloc, GPTR, 2048 ;2048 is totally arbitrary i think it's enough :)
		  mov	   path_,eax
		  invoke	lstrcpy, path_, path
		  invoke	lstrlen, path_
		  sub	   eax,2
		  mov	   edi,path_
		  add	   edi,eax
		  mov	   byte ptr ,"\"
		  inc	   edi
		  mov	   byte ptr ,0
		  invoke	lstrcat, path_, addr wfd.cFileName
		  invoke	lstrcat, path_, addr StrAll ; in path_ we have "dir1\dir2\etc\*"

		  pop	   eax
		  invoke	InitTreeViewItem, path_, eax
		  invoke	GlobalFree, path_
		  jmp	   @nextfile
@fin		:
		  invoke	FindClose, hFindFile_
@notroot	:
		  mov	   tvinsert.hInsertAfter, TVI_LAST
		  jmp	   @next
InitTreeViewItem endp
Posted on 2001-06-03 20:06:00 by gael
Im presently making a TreeView manager class. Such that all theses problems are encapsulated into an object and only a basic interface is invoked to get complex results with your tree. Im almost finished, if your interested in this alternative i can post it when its finished. Im undecided if i want to include a Linked List within the class to better manage tree information (since it occationally asks for "GetDispInfo". Anythoughts? If you have no idea what im talking about, download my classes tool and tutorial on how it is used to build a linked list. Its on my web-page (click the HOUSE icon above). NaN This message was edited by NaN, on 6/3/2001 10:55:21 PM
Posted on 2001-06-03 21:02:00 by NaN