hmmm... i know that alot of you out there like Iczelion's
 tutorial on 32bit programming. I myself haven't read the
 whole thing yet. I stopped at Tut 10 and now decided to re-
 read the whole thing and as i'm reading, i will try to make
 it into PDF.

 with style, easy to navigate ect... just think of it as a
 book. ;) where there's bookmark, additional note and so on.

 i'll make it in such a way that the origiinal words of the
 author is unchange.

 Iczelion, may i?

Posted on 2001-06-03 18:26:00 by disease_2000
modify your message to use the poll. i for one would like to see a pdf version.
Posted on 2001-06-03 18:43:00 by smurf
Hmm, a complete book out of Icz's tuts? I don't know how many out there want such a think but I for me wouldn't use it. I have all those tuts and copies of discussions and other stuff sorted in folders and if I need one I know always (well, I hope I will :D ) where to find it. However I think it is a great idea to learn. Some of you might disagree and I don't want a big discussion on this statement but I made the experience that I learned alot by writing others tuts into new layout or (since I am German) translate english tuts into German (I did that with cra**ing tuts, but mostly based on the assembler side). So, you want a clear opinion? Just start with your project, learn with it and offer it. You will see then if it is was useful for others or not ;) Stefan
Posted on 2001-06-03 18:48:00 by Stefan Krause
hiroshimator designed a poll feature to use with this message board. look at the bottom when you make a new post and along with Code-start, URL, and IMAGE buttons there is also a poll button.
Posted on 2001-06-03 18:51:00 by smurf
Please, by all means, make it into a PDF. I know i would love to keep just one file, instead of 35+
Posted on 2001-06-04 04:26:00 by Jon Richardson
Good idea, the tutorials will be easier to print and read
Posted on 2001-06-04 05:23:00 by karim
great idea! I hope nobody will make a real book out of it and sell it for money, like some other guys, f.e. James D. Foley, which wrote a lot good stuff about gfx algorithms and now all my links to his writings in the internet link to and offer me a book for many bucks.
Posted on 2001-06-04 09:59:00 by beaster

 go there and download that file and view it. It's only 39KB.
 tell me what you think. (i know it's still underconstruction...
 it takes time... cause i have school's exam to worry).

 that layout in the pdf exists through my imagination and if you
 found it hard to read the tutorial, please tell me so i can fix
 it. i don't want to modify the layout once i've finished typing
 those icz's tutorial just because of readability (if that's the
 problem, tell me now).

 Iczelion, i urge you to view that pdf file and tell me if i should
 go on. (i know i've changed a few words of yours, tell me if it's

 and of course, this is only for those who care...

 by the way, there are alot to be add, i've decided to add extra
 stuff once i finished icz's tutorial.
 stuff that make it easy for newbie to follow, site recommened
 for further reading ect...


Posted on 2001-06-12 22:56:00 by disease_2000
your doing a great job with the pdf i like it alot. if i have pos or neg feedback ill let you know. smurf This message was edited by smurf, on 6/13/2001 12:36:00 AM
Posted on 2001-06-13 00:34:00 by smurf
Well, see my reply in "a question". I think it would be great if we established a "standard" for MASM documentation, no matter what it is. PDF is pretty good at what it does, and comes with a free reader. Sounds like a good starting point. Even .HLP isn't bad. Local HTTP files would be pretty neat... Start with the tutor. Add the 3 volume MASM set, now in DOC format. Then WIN32API, and Agner's book, both in .HLP format. The Intel Optimization guide... oops, it's already PDF. And whatever other good documentation out there on the subject. Now, what would be really cool is a Contents page, with a link to page 1 of each book. Add a new book, add a new link. Gee, I didn't mean to volunteer you d2K... :)
Posted on 2001-06-13 02:24:00 by S/390
I like the PDF idea. I'm always rather biased in favour of one file over several files.
Posted on 2001-06-13 06:05:00 by Larry Hammick
Why can't we pick a format which is easy to modify, like .doc or for those that hate microsoft .rtf I rarely want print an entire book or even chapter, just sections. I hate the fact that when I select text from a pdf or hlp file it looses all formating.
Posted on 2001-06-13 15:58:00 by Zadkiel

 ehehehe. ;)

 390, i did. Once it finish, there will be bookmark and things
 that make it easy for you to get the info you want. But that's
 not important at this stage.

 Zadkiel, I understand. ;) but that pdf is still underconstruction.

 i know that each time you select code from pdf, it's all cripple.
 but i have an idea that can fix that problem. I'll place a PDF
 note there - once double click, it show up a small box with
 the actual code and then you can select. ;)
 and thus, the format of the text will remain the same and
 it will be easy to read that way.

 by the way S/390, you sound like you known me for a long
 time... (when you say d2k... that's what most of my friend
 calls me)

 Zadkiel, i just uploaded the pdf again (i fix the problem
 that you stated above. check it out, i think that's what
 you want. ;) goto page 6 and you'll see a Yellow NOTE.
 double click on it and the code will show up. select it
 and past it into notepad or any editor.)

 farewell all...
This message was edited by disease_2000, on 6/13/2001 5:21:27 PM
Posted on 2001-06-13 17:09:00 by disease_2000
d2k, Since you shortened my handle to 390, I decided to shorten your's too. Besides, it's much easier to type. :) I do like Zadkiel's idea about a format that is easy to modify. It would be nice to be able to add your own notes to any documentation. The problem with Word is that it's not free. Lots of people use it, but not everyone. And not everyone likes it. Myself, I'm in the publishing business, and use Ventura Publisher if I want to do anything fancy. Yea, Word does also have a free reader, but it doesn't allow updates either. HTML based could be a good way to go. It's fairly easy to update, but does require a second program to do so. And HTML does have a few free "readers" of it's own. Anybody got any tools that convert DOC & HLP & PDF files to HTML? :) :)
Posted on 2001-06-14 18:16:00 by S/390
Personally i prefer tutorials, docs in TXT file it's easier to modify : the only software you need is a text editor. ;)
Posted on 2001-06-14 18:32:00 by BJZ
IMHO, Do whatever you like, but I personally hate PDF. I always transfer PDF if I can to any different format like html or doc or even txt. BTW your work so far is great. forge
Posted on 2001-06-14 20:43:00 by forge

 hmmm... so that mean there are people out there who wants diff-
 erent format. ;) i thought it was easy to feed a mouse with a -
 piece of cheese. but it requires much more indeed.

 forge, what does IMHO stands for? back in the year 2000, i like
 HTML style very much (i actually came up one of my own style of
 writting, such as teaching newbies online). <--- check
 it out and tell me if that's what you want.

 the problem with me making style like that is that i have to t-
 ype everything (i don't use any other tool to create html, i u-
 se pure notepad. because the result will turn out the way i wa-
 nted it to be)

 i guess the advantage of pdf is just for printing and reduce f-
 iles and size.

Posted on 2001-06-15 10:34:00 by disease_2000
d2k - I like it. IMHO - In My Humble Opinion You don't need to type everything in trxt editor. I usually use something like Page Mill to create quick and dirty html. Then I give it final touch in text editor. To convert ASM to HTML I have a tiny freeware program called ASM2HTM.exe. BTW most of Iczelion tutorials are already in HTML. Good luck and let me know if I can help you. forge
Posted on 2001-06-15 21:31:00 by forge
How are you goin with the tutorial? If you need any help, let me know. forge
Posted on 2001-06-17 21:44:00 by forge

 forge, right now i have two thing to decide.
 PDF or HTML.... :)

Posted on 2001-06-18 12:01:00 by disease_2000