hello, i just finish a simple MNG, JNG, PNG viewer using libmng library (libmng here). I think It could replace GIF format and it's totally free :P libmng is a little bit heavy (421Ko) but it's a good way to have animation without using GIF and easy to program. my source are here I've put some mng,jng,png here. Now my aim is to compile libmng just with functions for viewing, and after maybe performe some functions in asm (outch! i will take long time :-)) for invoking libmng functions, i've used methode provided on iczelion site because lib in libmng are MSVC specific i think. the code is not very beautiful but it's a beginning :) Gael I've put libmng.dll here This message was edited by gael, on 6/3/2001 11:41:13 PM
Posted on 2001-06-03 23:25:00 by gael