lol u caught me correct there stefan. that should be 700 with 128 mb ram. "tih" is a typo. Anyway back to our main topic. Ewayne i am finding it a bit confusing to understand ur code generator thing. I went to the setup and it asks me for a default root directory. Now is that the root directory of masm32 or asmedit's roo dir. also what hutch's roo dir. Also all the browse butoons near them ask me to selct a file instead of a folder. I have the latest version of ur prog from ur website. I found another bug. When u clik on close tab without savin the file i, the msg box fro saving the file comes up but if u clik cancel, still the file closes!!!!!! This is a major bug and can lead to much data loss. The paste bug was still there. As far as i have noticedis that if u open a new file and immediately paste some data in it, the bug doesnt appear but while workin on the code it does. This message was edited by MovingFulcrum, on 6/7/2001 9:37:41 AM
Posted on 2001-06-07 06:08:00 by MovingFulcrum
Ewayne, I would be interested to see if you had a list of the stuff that your editor needs to be able to run the current that Iczelion and I maintain. The version 1.25 repaired a lot of problems in 1.23 which was still in beta when released and broke an enormous amount of existing code. As far as OS version testing of the editor, I would ask around the interested parties in the forum to see who was running either WIN2K or ME and try and arange a beta testing setup with them so that compatibility issues could be fixed up. If this can be done, it will provide an alternative freeware editor to my small Quick Editor which I am sure many would use when it is fully debugged and cross compatible. I have been lucky in that QE has been developed over a long period and it has been tested on most versions without any real problems. If you can get the same level of backup from a user base, it will be very useful in developing the editor further. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-07 07:13:00 by hutch--
i got another bug of urs. When u clik on find next in the find dialog box of urs the text gets higlighted in the editor and the cursor starts blinkin There. It is very irritating to clik on it every time to do find text.
Posted on 2001-06-07 09:42:00 by MovingFulcrum
To MovingFulcrum: The close Tab, save file then cancel bug is fixed, just download AsmEdit, it will have the file you can delete it or move it to the Include directory. The complete package you downloaded did not have the fixed CodeGen or WorkWin DLL's in the AsmEdit root directory you'll need to copy them from their program directories, sorry about that. The root directory in the setup dialog needs to point to the directory that AsmEdit is in. Hutch's root directory is just a refference to where his directory is at and it's a quick way by using the Options/Directories menu to open his directory, which has a lot nice stuff. I'll change the heading on the Open dialog to read either file or folder depending on what your browsing for. Copy and paste: I just got through beating AsmEdit up with copy and paste for the past hour using Win98 non-SE and NT 4.0 and I can not make it do anything unusual, I copied from plain text, RTF, html, IE, and Netscape. It might have something to do with the Font and or Character set your using. I'm doing some funny things for the paste, so you can paste from any text format and end up with plain text. Did you change the font to Courier New before you did your copy and paste, shouldn't need to, but something to try. Do you know what Character set your using? If not I can make a change to AsmEdit and send it to you so it will tell you. Your going to have to tell step by step of how your doing your paste approx size of what you copied, what type of text, where did you copy it from, and where your pasting it to. You said: i got another bug of urs. When u clik on find next in the find dialog box of urs the text gets higlighted in the editor and the cursor starts blinkin There. It is very irritating to clik on it every time to do find text. Again I'm not having that problem. It just finds the text and highlights it no blinking caret or cursor and then I can press the Find Next button and if it finds a match it highlights the next set of text and so on, so on. Are you talking about the caret blinking or the cursor blinking? Is the cursor actually moving off of the Find Next button? If you would like and have the time we can take this offline and I can send you a test AsmEdit so we can find your problems. ;____________________________________________________________________________________ To Hutch: I've tried three times to start a list of the differences between 1.23 and 1.25, but I keep getting side tracked, because I want to keep my programs compatable with the latest, so everything is standard. I know you you fixed a lot of bugs and removed some redundant stuff for 1.25. I know what a job it is to maintain it, because I used to build my own. I sent Icelion a lot of .inc entries that was included in 1.23 and I tried to keep everything to MS standard, structure item names, equates, etc. and some of those entries are missing with 1.25. It's not just AsmEdit that I have problems assembling with 1.25, it's most of my more complex programs, maybe I use some code that most other folks don't use. Anyhow when I get some time I'll assemble each program with 1.25 to find out what the problems are. I like your idea about a test base for the different platforms. If there is anyone that would be interested in testing AsmEdit that has Win98SE, WinME, or Win2k let me know. I would like to put this release to bed, because the next realse will have a collapsible Tree and List view that you will be able to display files from and control your projects. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-07 11:48:00 by Ewayne
Well ewayne, First of all abt the find window, actually i worded it wrong, what i meant to say is that the find window loses Focus, so the cursor moves from the find window to the edit window. Thus one has to clik inside the find window dialog again to get back the focus on it. This is very irritating. Abt the paste thing, well i think u should take a rest from it at the moment. Let me make it repeat when i want to and i will tell u what exactly the problem is like. As for now all i can tell u is that the text is asm code and the lines being are very short, only two or three. But i dont seem to reproduce it when i want to. Also i found another bug :-) Just try pastin this line of code in ur editor and press enter (pressing enteri s very imp otherwise the bug wont show)and u will understand. szSaveBeforeClose db "This file has been modified. Would you like to save the changes made to this file?",0 As u can see the last word to be wrapped in the line repeated in both the lines. About the font and all i my editor i will just tell u as sson as i get another minute. All ican tell u is that they r al the default settings. I havent changed any. Also i have win98se and i agree to ur proposal to debug the app. Mail me abt this and we can talk more.
Posted on 2001-06-07 13:52:00 by MovingFulcrum