Hello, im working on a simple upx gui. when i open upx.exe with shellexecute,how do i know if upx has finished and how do i close the dos box ? i try to use the handlename and if found i use wm_quit to close it. but first this work only in my homelanguage and second mosttime it wont work :-( i see a lot other programs who open a dosbox and after the work has done ,the program also close this dos box. how is this going and how i can i get the text from the dosbox ? i want to get the % of the packing process and use it then in my gui. if you can help me on this i would much happy :-) Thank you
Posted on 2001-06-04 02:09:00 by Newbie
CreateProcess and pipes are what you need... i believe iczelion has some examples/tutorial on his site. if not mail me or something, i have a lame example that does that with masm...
Posted on 2001-06-04 06:20:00 by fresh