Hi again, after my last posting Too small buffer I still experience some problems. I checked the buffer which has the string in it before it is added to the listview and it contains the complete string and I checked the entry with SendMessage LVM_GETITEM and after looking at the buffer in which the item has been read I too get the whole string. So, during the whole time, the string is there and just windows doesn't want me to show the whole string. This is due to MAXPATH which is limited to 260 (at least I think so). This also effects naming a folder/file where you are allowed to use up to 260 signs but not one more. Now my question. Has anybody played with this already and found a way how to trick Windows and show it completely or maybe create an own listview thing? Hope to hear from you. Stefan
Posted on 2001-06-04 13:53:00 by Stefan Krause