WOW, I have never seen anyone with so much energy that they are going 100MPH in a 15MPH zone. Slow down, and forget everything you learned about programming in COMMADORE 64K cuz none of it will work in windows, not even anything like it. anything simuler?? NOPE no such creature.. this is what everyone was trying to tell you. you should take an example that came with hucth's Masm32 package, like the first TUT example and compile it, that should tell you that you have MASM32 setup right. once you can compile one of the examples, then you know that you have that done. now you have a big job ahead of you and that is to learn assembly language and how different the windows OS is, how it works and what the concept is in running in this inviroment. but please SLOW down, you won't beable to make a program in just 1 week or two, with out learning this stuff from the ground up.. with assembly you will eather learn it or you will give it up. there is no in between.
Posted on 2001-06-05 23:32:00 by Zcoder
By the way, if your having problems in getting Masm32 to run right, I have a copy of it that I placed into a install package to make it easy to get it to run the right way just download it at then compile one of the examples...
Posted on 2001-06-05 23:41:00 by Zcoder
Steve, I think you should have got a good idea by now of how the members of this forum take to being assaulted with aggressive questioning by someone who has no viable programming background and continues to work off incorrect assumptions. In the very ordinary sense you need to learn to walk before you can learn to fly and there are no short cuts. Programming in a modern 32 bit environment is not the simple dabbling in ancient commodore hardware in machine code nor is that even a minimum basis for starting in this area. Video and hardware drivers are extremely complicated programming that requires a very sound knowledge of the operating system and computer hardware to get them to run at all. It is not a beginners area at all and your assumptions here are simply wrong. This is the quote from my web site where MASM32 is available, "MASM32 is not intended as a learners package, it is aimed squarely at experienced programmers who are familiar with windows API coding, have written code in compilers and have done some work in assembler. While it has a suitable range of facilities to write assembler applications, it does not address the learners market. Any programmer is welcome to use MASM32 but unless the experience in compilers and API based coding is adequate, concepts such as data types, registers, assembler mnemonics and API function calls will be very difficult to grasp." I have put this on my site because of the number of pushy learners who wish to waste the time of other programmers who have done the hard work and intense learning curve to write this type of software. There are many very good programmers who support this forum who spend their time when available to help other programmers who are starting out writing assembler. You need to get into the position to learn programming first and assuming that a background messing around with ancient stuff is adequate to start is simply wrong. When you are fluent in proper compilers and understand data types, registers, windows API functions, complex algorithms and the like, then you will be ready to start writing assembler, until then you are simply wasting the time and goodwill that the members of this forum who help out other programmers. Most here will be more than willing to assist you once you get there but at the moment you are so far off the pace that it is simply a nuisance. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-06 01:46:00 by hutch--
The tutorials of Iczelion are amongst, if not the clearest I've ever seen on the subject. Their concise and to the point and describe step by step how to 'get you up and running'. If that's not enough then you simple don't belong here yet. You need a certain base before you can start, a base you can only give yourself. Learn DOS, learn about windows event modelled system instead of the procedural one you're (should be) used to via the C64. Take the time to read them and come back when you've changed ISP
Posted on 2001-06-06 02:42:00 by Hiroshimator