I've coded several ListView controls with mult. columns and my own sort routine and everthing works fine, but it takes quite a bit of code. I built a small ListView routine with three columns and I used the LVS_SORTASCENDING style, because I won't need to do any futher sorting. It sorts ok, but many of my subitems are blank. If I remove the LVS_SORTASCENDING style then all of the subitems are displayed. I don't want to use a sort routine. Has anyone had this problem? Or does anyone a ListView program that uses the LVS_SORTASCENDING style? Thanks Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-05 16:15:00 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne, This not going to be any help to you but I had exactly the same problem. I just took LVS_SORTASCENDING out of the program and have no sort. If you find a solution please post it or email me and I will do same. best regards, czDrillard
Posted on 2001-06-05 23:18:00 by czDrillard
After digging into the code I think there is a bug with LVS_SORTASCENDING, because right after you do a LVM_INSERTITEM and then retrive the item, the item text is screwed up, somehow when it does the sort it's not puting all of the pieces back together. I just removed the subitems, I can get by without them for now. Thanks anyway. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-06 01:54:00 by Ewayne
I doubt you're coding on a hand held PC, so i guess you have confirmed that Micro$oft has idiots both writing code and confirming errors.. LOL... Here is a knowledge base article I pulled off the MSDN: ListView Bug... Anywho, i has a suggested work around (not like you care to hear that :P ) Hope it helps. NaN
Posted on 2001-06-06 17:14:00 by NaN
What's your work around other then me putting my sort routine back in. Ewayne This message was edited by Ewayne, on 6/6/2001 8:54:18 PM
Posted on 2001-06-06 20:52:00 by Ewayne
Ooops, that last message should be: it has a work around.... I didnt code any such thing... :( And i didnt expect you would have liked the M$ suggestion. Sorry, NaN
Posted on 2001-06-07 23:44:00 by NaN