is it possible de make MDI child window when my main window is a dialogbox (with dialogboxparam). i don't want to use standard winmain proc because i've lots of resource included in my dialogbox... I've tried to subclass my DlgProc but hmm doesn't work. i don't know how to use : TranslateMDISysAccel DefFrameProc For DefFrameProc, i tried to use it in my subclassing proc but in result my main window is badly altered. does anyone have already made mdi child window in a dialog??
Posted on 2001-06-06 15:06:00 by myself
well, did you call GetWindowLong/SetWindowLong with DWL_DLGPROC value instead of GWL_WNDPROC? For dialogs, you need to use DWL_DLGPROC instead of GWL_WNDPROC
Posted on 2001-06-06 20:52:00 by Iczelion
oupss DWL_DLGPROC your right :D it work now.
Posted on 2001-06-07 07:40:00 by myself