If anyone is interested in testing AsmEdit, that is running either of the following: WinSE WinME Win2k Let me know thanks. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-07 15:50:00 by Ewayne
I have Win2K (SP2) and would sure like to help. :)
Posted on 2001-06-07 21:11:00 by bitRAKE
I have win98 and ME and so far it all works well. I have not run it long enough to learn all of the IDE yet but it seemd to be working great as for what I know about it so far...
Posted on 2001-06-07 21:24:00 by Zcoder
I would like to help but I'm using NT so I might not be of much help. I'm been using your edit program a lot and so far no complaints, but I've only used a small portion of it's features. Maybe you should give a breif discription on how to use all of the features in the help file for people like me. If I find anything I'll send you an email, so I don't tie up this board. BitMam
Posted on 2001-06-07 22:33:00 by BitMan
Thanks to all of the interested parties. Go to my Web Site and download the Test Package (It's at the end of the AsmEdit page). It will just have the latest .exe and .dll files plus the latest AsmEdit source. Just copy the files to your AsmEdit root directory. My main concern is the crash that bitRAKE had and the copy and paste problem that MovingFulcrum and one other person is having (that I can not get to fail). Another problem that someone is having is replace all, they said it just keeps replacing the same field and I can not get it to fail. Thanks, Ewayne This message was edited by Ewayne, on 6/8/2001 2:13:37 AM
Posted on 2001-06-07 23:57:00 by Ewayne
I'm using Win98se and will be glad to offer feed back as I get time to use your program. Unfortunately due to worker shortages at work and upcomming schools for where I work, I won't be able to be too active in the next few months. But you have a great program and I am very interested it and helping as time permits, and as my learning experience gets better.
Posted on 2001-06-11 13:49:00 by yrret