Can anyone suggest a link to a site where I can find something like a command reference for Win32 ASM? Even one that just has the "most used" commands explained, I can do some of the harder things, but I have forgotten how to do the easy things. Thanks for any help that may be given. Bowside
Posted on 2001-06-08 04:03:00 by bowside
bowside, If you have picked up MASM32, have a look at the help file OPCODES.HLP as it handles most of the simple interger instructions. Once you have the swing of that download the Intel 3 volume set to get much deeper tachnical data on the instructions and architecture. MASM32 also has the excellent optimisation manual written by Agner Fog when you get a bit further down the track. For API reference get win32.hlp or if you have it use MSDN, it is later. In one of the servicxe packs for MASM32 is a help file called ASMINTRO.HLP that will help you some if you are a bit rusty on the basic stuff. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-08 05:23:00 by hutch--
here's a few usefull links opcodes etc. - HERE art of assembly language programming(explains many things) - HERE
Posted on 2001-06-08 05:24:00 by smurf