Steverow5, I have read your previous posts. I will offer you some very friendly advice. Do with it as you will. This is a forum where people who are interested in both learning and sharing information about win32 assembly can get together and communicate their ideas. There is little discrimination between new users, completely ignorant users, and the more advanced. We are all here for the same reason. In this respect, you are welcome to this bored. If you have ideas to express (which are completely relevent to the groups) then express them. If you have questions of interest (to the groups), ask. No one will criticize you or slam you. We will do our best. There are also "netiquette" rules to follow: do not post in CAPS. This implies that you are shouting or trying to force an idea upon the people. It also implies anger. You may not haev done that on purpose, but, it's still frustrating to those who read. In fact, CAPS makes it harder to read. If you begin to post in CAPS and later realize it, don't post it if that's not your intention, instead, correct the problem before it becomes a problem. Second: don't criticize and slam the hard and fruitful work of the other contributers. If you have ideas how it might be improved, express those ideas constructively. DO NOT ridicule the existing works, offer your ideas how they can be improved and what you feel are shortcomings. You'll find that the people on this board are very receptive to new ideas and will at least consider them -- even if they do nothing about them. Third: Do not start conversations with yourself as more than one user. I don't have the words for this one. It's just *insane* and will get you no respect whatsoever. Fourth: no one in here expects you to know everything. Everyone has their own level of knowledge. I for one, offer more ideas and theories than I do source code and exacting help. Others, like Hutch-- and Ernie, offers both help and many ideas. We're a community. Fifth (continueing 4): however, when you have questions, respectifully ask them. You may know not one thing about assembly, but if you ask how you can get started, people will help you. Just remember, nobody in here owe's you anything. If you send off the impression that we do, then you'll get a very rude awakening. Personally, I feel that many of the replies to your questions were too harsh. Ignorance is not bliss. Become familiar with respect and netiquette, and you'll do very well. You'll find that the answers to your questions are either supplied indirectly through links on Iczelions site, previous posts, or by asking a question (respectfully). Your first post was in CAPS, if you had asked without CAPS, you would have had a different answer. Your tone, also, was that of demanding an answer. "I'm new to Win32 assembly and am looking for memory maps, or interrupt lists, could somebody point me in the right direction" is a great way to rephrase your first question. many people flamed you and I don't agree with it. So I'm helping you avoid it in the future. I was going to answer all of your posts, but... I think all I've written here should get you started. Show the *respect* and then ask again, you'll get your answers. Keep in mind, nobody owes you anything. So don't *tell* us your question, *ask* it. Another thing, is already a bad reputation. Ask Hiroshimator privately if he would change it to something else for you and then use that instead. I don't know if he will, but, it's worth a try. It's all about respect. Everyone in here is to learn and help. That includes you. So don't get discouraged. Just make a few changes in your attitude and move on. There's much to learn in the group. Happy posting, _Shawn
Posted on 2001-06-08 04:13:00 by _Shawn
I know Shawn did not mean it this way but I am a little wary of bundling the conduct of Steve Rowe and all newbies together. It has been my exprience that most newbies are agreable people who come to learn rather than make a pest of themselves. This forum is for sharing assembler around with other people including those who are new to assembler and it is the reason why many of the programmers who post in this forum are here, to help others. This is a friendly forum and that is why no nonsense will be allowed that will bother the members or the newbies, we are here to share information, not to be made fools of by people who don't understand the basics of normal good manners. There is a simple mechanism for any nonsense, the posts will be deleted so that the forum is not abused. This way the forum will remain a useful and friendly place. To Steve Rowe, you don't have an argument to win here, you simply don't know enough, I bothered to answer you email to explain this to you but there will be no more. The onus is on you to bother to learn enough to be in a position to write assembler, not try and win an argument by making a nuisance of yourself. Regards,
Posted on 2001-06-08 05:36:00 by hutch--
I have recieved a few emails from SteveRowe5@aol. I've been trying to get him to come back to the board, and gave him other resources to get him going in the right direction. I know given a little time Steve will come around. Not everyone has the patience, or optimism that I do. :)
Posted on 2001-06-08 10:44:00 by bitRAKE