Hi! I have installed ide-asM on top of UltraEdit in win2000, which is not working properly (as written on the ide-asM homepage). The new compile-icon is not added to the toolbar, and the "internal error" msgbox is displayed in the background. This i really a pity, because I think the editor looks really nice.. Any solutions to this problem, or do I have to wait until they get rid of the bug? Jigzy
Posted on 2001-06-08 10:43:00 by Jigzy
i currently use windows 2000 and i too have the same problem. i think that the authors didnt test there program on the windows 2000 os. i dont think its been updated in some time either. try AsmEdit its a really good editor. smurf
Posted on 2001-06-08 14:01:00 by smurf
Thx.. for the advice smurf.. AsmEdit seems like a nice editor. A shame it dosnt support having multiple files open at once... but, you cant have it all I guess :P Jigzy
Posted on 2001-06-08 15:41:00 by Jigzy
Hi Jigzy, In regards to AsmEdit are you talking multiple instances of the same file, if not the new AsmEdit can open up to 32 files using Tabs. I'm not trying to push my program, but the more people that use it means the sooner the rest of the bugs will be uncovered and then I can release the next release, which will be a major improvement. It's on my Web Site. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-06-08 18:08:00 by Ewayne
Guys, It would be a good idea is as many people as possible gave Ewayne some assistance in developing his assembler IDE as there is no properly dedicated IDE available for programming in MASM at the moment. The development cycle for something as complex as an IDE is genuinely hard work and the more people who can download and help in the beta stage, the faster and more reliable the IDE will become. OS version testing, facilities, plug ins, features etc.. are an area where sensible feedback really helps so if you have the time and interest in a full assembler IDE for MASM, download the current version and pass some useful feedback to Ewayne. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-06-08 20:00:00 by hutch--
Hi again!! I meant multiple different files at the same time. I downloaded version 3.2 from some other place. I now have version 3.3 from Ewaynes site, and this one includes tabs :) I intend to use the editor and will provide any feedback I may have to Ewayne. Thanks again.. Jigzy
Posted on 2001-06-09 04:34:00 by Jigzy