betov, it would be more appropriate and reasonable to use different
 icon for your exe instead of that B**ST and P*N*S...

Posted on 2001-06-12 11:07:00 by disease_2000
These icons are the expressions of my deepliest thaughts. As long as i don't want to search for founds for it, who cares? OK i'll change them to better ones as soon as someone will send some very pretty ones to me. Same for a Splash screen or other toys... bye, betov.
Posted on 2001-06-12 12:17:00 by Betov

 no problem betov. ;) that's everyones' deepiest thought indeed.
 i believe there are tons of free icon and logo for use. specia-
 lly on delphi's site (i remembered i've download a 2MB of small
 ... hmm, there's a special name for all those small icon and l-
 ogo, i forgot what it is...)

Posted on 2001-06-12 22:41:00 by disease_2000