that's one of the advantages of the COM interface thingamajigs. Just if you use the *new* interface (by querying the dx8 interface, or however that's done), you can't use the old dx7 features. At least that's how I have understood it.

Yep, that's how COM is supposed to work. I've had plenty of problems with this type of compatability in the past: i make an app that uses a lot of functionality in Outlook, then i ship it to our customers, only for some of them to run it with an older version of Outlook than what i compiled against..... which means a recompile, rebuild the install package, redistribute it.....

Anyway, i didn't realise that DX was COM based. Wouldn't that slow things down considerably?
Posted on 2002-01-11 02:54:00 by sluggy
E?in, your prog is very interesting... is it really made only with
dib? can you post the source?
Posted on 2002-01-11 07:57:57 by mob
Hehe, fun avatar mob... even though I love it ;).
Eo?n, that's a very very pretty particle thingamajig you've made there.
I've always loved particle stuff, what a shame not more games use
particles :/.
Posted on 2002-01-11 08:40:21 by f0dder
There's no real point me posting the source for that app as the functions have moved on since and work better now. I will post the source once I'm happy with it.

If you have a current project though and you'd love to see it now then email me. :alright:
Posted on 2002-01-11 09:12:51 by Eóin
Afternoon, Torch.

heh. There's been talk of using GDI and DDraw, plus slander at using DX8:tongue: - so I might as well put my two coppers in...

For an e-zine, I guess it all depends on who/what your market is.
IMO, e-zines are there for *content* - not for flashy graphics which distract from the info. So, DDraw or GDI would be the better approach.

Yes: you *can* do 2d graphics with Dx8. The vertice example does that. Plus the text in the DolphinVS example does what f0dder mentioned - it uses a texture on a four-indice polygon.

Yes: you *can* get a pointer to memory. You get a pointer to a surface (and/or texture) and lock/draw/unlock the same way you do in DDraw. Dx8's not really different to DDraw/d3d after all, so the speed would be similar.

Graphics cards companies have been concentrating on upgrading/improving the *3D* capabilities of their cards - they are nolonger adding to the DDraw capability. This means that - for modern graphics cards - drawing on a texture and then *pasting* it to a polygon is actually faster than using DDraw.

Then, again. If the target 'puter *hasn't* got a modern graphics card (like mine:grin: ), then it's definitely slower using Dx8 (and more so if using DX8.1:mad: ).

Make sure you decide on your target market *first*.
If you'd like everyone to be able to use it, then use GDI or DDraw.
If you'd like to concentrate for users of modern 'puters only, then use Dx8.

If you require any help with this project, I'm sure you'll find many people here who are willing to lend a hand (with info, ideas, coding, coffee, etc).


PS: don't quote me on any of that stuff^. It's 2:30am, and I know not what I say:grin:
Posted on 2002-01-11 09:22:27 by Scronty