how do i detect a space between 2 words such as: between here ok my next question is how do i detect a java script popup window while surfing the internet. im able to detect normal popups but not sure about the java script. thanks smurf
Posted on 2001-06-11 05:13:00 by smurf
scan the string for character 20h (the space character)! I think there is a MASM32.LIB function that can scan a string for a pattern. If there isn't, its fairly simple anyway!

mov ecx, ADDR Buffer
mov eax, -1

   inc eax
   cmp , " "
   je @F
   cmp , 0
   jne @B
   mov eax, -1

returns 0..(str_len - 1), or -1 if not present.

Posted on 2001-06-11 05:50:00 by Mirno
thanks Mirno i appreciate the help.
Posted on 2001-06-11 19:16:00 by smurf