Hello everybody. I want to use some API's that are only available for windows 2000 or Me. The Current MASM32 does not recognize them. How can I use them anyway ? Thank You. This message was edited by titanium, on 6/12/2001 6:08:22 PM
Posted on 2001-06-12 18:07:00 by titanium
You're going to have to supply the Protos and the libs
Posted on 2001-06-12 20:10:00 by Torch
1. download the header files from the microsoft platform sdk. 2. determine which functions, structures or equates that arent recognized. 3. do a search in the header files for files that contain the unrecognized api's 4. then input the new info you get from the headers in your code or in the windows.inc file. the hardest part of this is to convert what info you find in the header files to be compatiable with the masm assembler. here is an example of a api structure that im using as an example and converted to work properly with masm:
typedef struct tagLVITEMA        <---- from CommCtrl.h from sdk header
    UINT mask;
    int iItem;
    int iSubItem;
    UINT state;
    UINT stateMask;
    LPSTR pszText;
    int cchTextMax;
    int iImage;
    LPARAM lParam;
#if (_WIN32_IE >= 0x0300)
    int iIndent;
now converted to work with the masm assembler:
   mask         DWORD ?
   iItem        DWORD ?
   iSubItem     DWORD ?
   state        DWORD ?
   stateMask    DWORD ?
   pszText      DWORD ?
   cchTextMax   DWORD ?
   iImage       DWORD ?
   lParam       DWORD ?
   iIndent      DWORD ?
<---- this line is so you dont need to place the A at the end when used place this into your code above your .data section or you can directly place this into the windows.inc file. this should get you started in the right direction. if you have problems trying to figure out some of the conversions check the windows.inc file to see how a similar conversion was done. smurf
Posted on 2001-06-12 20:16:00 by smurf
titanium, Get yourself the Whistler edition of the PlatformSDK and use the libraries from it. The use the utility from the BIN directory called L2INCA to create a new set of include files from those libraries so that you have matching libraries and include files. This will give you the API functions you need. You may have to look around in the C/C++ header files if there are new constants used. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-06-13 05:02:00 by hutch--
Thank you all I'll do that.
Posted on 2001-06-14 12:57:00 by titanium